Lens care


General instructions
The lenses are for personal use. Do not use the contact lenses longer than the recommended time. After the period of use (6 months – 1 year), you must replace the lenses. Using the lenses in excess of the recommended time and/or use by other patients can result in an infection.

How to open vial bottles


Inserting lenses
Remove the lens from the container ensuring that is is not inside out, position it on the tip of your index finger. It is advisable that you rinse the lens with a sterile solution. With the middle finger of your free hand, raise your upper eyelid and position the lens on the iris.

Please note, your vision should be good as soon as you have inserted the lenses. If it isn’t, please check that the lens is not inside out as inverted lenses can cause blurriness and discomfort.


Removing contact lenses
When removing lenses, pull your lower eyelid down with your middle finger. Place the index finger of the same hand on the lens, and pinch it with your thumb and index finger, but not too hard. Clean and store the contact lens in its case.


Should you feel any discomfort, immediately remove the lens, rinse it and insert it again. Check that the lens is not inside out. If the feeling of discomfort still continues, remove the lens and do not insert it again till you have contacted an eye care specialist.

– Always follow the recommended time for wearing the contact lenses.
– If your eyes are irritated, please contact your eye care specialist for further advice.
– Before inserting contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly and ensure there are no particles on the lenses.
– Check that the contact lens is not inside out.
– Try and insert contact lenses BEFORE applying your makeup, and remove before washing off your makeup.
– Always refresh the solution in the lens case 2-3 days. Do not just top the solution up.

– Damage the surface of your contact lenses with your finger nails.
– Wear contact lenses if your eyes feel discomfort.
– Insert contact lenses if they are damaged.
– Keep lenses longer than the recommended time.
– Use contact lens solution past its expiry date.
– Use tap water or saliva on your contact lenses.
– Sleep with your contact lenses in.
– Go swimming with your contact lenses in.
– Share contact lenses with someone else.
– Rub your eyes when wearing contact lenses.