How to order

Register to our website with these two simple steps:

Click ‘SIGN IN OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT’. Simply enter your email address and a secure password.

By signing up to our website you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping & billing addresses and edit your password and account details.

How to place an order:

Select the lenses you would like and your desired quantity.

Click add to cart. You can choose to continue shopping or review your order by clicking ‘View Cart’. By clicking ‘View Cart’ you can alter the number of lenses you wish to purchase and apply a discount (if you have one).

To finalise your order click ‘CHECKOUT’. Fill in your billing details, shipping address and select a shipping option.

Please ensure that you fill out all your details correctly; Full name and correct shipping address.
You will be redirected to the appropriate site depending on the payment method you have selected.
After you have entered all your payment information, click CONFIRM to process your payment.
You will receive an email once your order has been confirmed, and again once your lenses have been shipped.

If you want to shop Prescription lenses, click the ‘Prescription lenses’ folder to view the range of lenses that are available with power.

Once you have selected the lenses of your choice, click the drop down menu titled ‘power’ and click the prescription you require.

Select the desired quantity and add to cart.

All prescription lens orders cannot be cancelled and take 4-6 weeks as they are made to order.