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In additions to the terms above with respect to all cosmetic products, by placing an order through our site for prescription contact lenses, you certify, represent and warrant that (1) with respect to the contact lenses you are ordering, you have a valid prescription issued within the timeframe required by law in your jurisdiction of residence following an eye examination conducted by a registered eye care professional in your country, state or province and (2) you have not, since your last issuance of a valid prescription pursuant to a physical eye examination conducted by a registered eye care professional licensed in your country, state, province or other applicable jurisdiction, suffered from any eye condition requiring treatment or been advised to stop wearing contact lenses by an eye care professional or medical practitioner.

When you order contact lenses through our site, you are responsible for entering the correct contact lens information according to your contact lens prescription. If you experience any pain or discomfort from any contact lenses purchased through our site you agree to discontinue use immediately and consult your eye care professional.

Due to different monitor settings, please keep in mind that the actual colours of the contact lenses may not match 100% with those on your screen.